Display picture of the logo made for Stølsfestivalen. I´s a sheep with music in it's curls and flower in it's mouth.



Logo created for a local music- and outdoor life festival in the beautiful countryside, Kallestad, located on the west coast of Norway.

Tools: Adobe Fresco, Illustrator

About the festival

Stølsfestivalen is a music- and outdoor life festival in idyllic surroundings on the countryside west in Norway, Kallestad. The festival's vision is to bring the local population together for a cultural experience among old stone gardens, small farms and the northern maritime route. The festival takes place in early August. In addition to music – games, courses and other activities are organized on the festival area.


The logo has been used to promote the festival identity on sosial media, website, merchandise and multiple surfaces on the festival area. In addition to financing the festival, the profits from the merch shop went to aid in Ukraine.


The Norwegian sheep can almost appear as a symbol for the countryside. It is an important part of Norwegian agriculture to clear land by grazing the fields, and especially around the coast and mountain areas. Since Kallestad is the location for the festival, the sheep is the perfect mascot to front the festival vibes. The only thing missing was to put it in the right environment.