A psykedelic poster of Harry Styles in the colors of pink and green.

retro &


- art exhebition

A deep dive into history of art. the task was to create an interactive exhibition with digital and analogue solutions

Brief: Create an exhibition that presents a selection of style periods from the history of design. The students will be assigned one style epoch each to present. The assignment focuses on user journey, UX, UU, relevant solutions and display.

Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator

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Most people know psychedelia as the hippie era. The direction was particularly evident in poster art, record covers, advertising and typography. It was about strong and vivid colors you wouldn't normally combine together, and surrealist motifs characterized by drugs. It was a rebellion against the American state with a common desire for a society free from discrimination.


Learning camouflaged in entertainment
The psychedelic design era from the 60s is very current in 2022 without people knowing or thinking about how well established the style era has become and where it originated from.

The solution should engage the user to want to learn more about the theme  with free will. To attract the attention of the user, I will use current examples, eye-catching, and modern technological techniques such as interaction and animation. The solution must both inspire, invite participation and inform

Research question

Question: How can I improve a unisex design for Nivea day cream so that it appears more sporty and cool, while also specifically challenging young men to make skin care less taboo and feminine. And, how can I create a promotional website that motivates the target audience to buy and test the products?