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Wild west woman

A Fashion magazine about western girlpower style with cultural elements

Brief: Create your dream magazine!

Tools: InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop

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A modern, western-inspired magazine with a focus on feminism and girl power.

In contrast to the old cowboy films which can be a bit macho and masculine with guns, enemies and the woman who is at home to keep the village going. I want to create a girlpower, cowgirl magazine where the woman is at the center. The Western style is making a comeback in the fashion world in 2023, but this time in a slightly more glamorous and powerful style. I want to put a slightly more modern touch on the western, and want to challenge it in a more artistic and elegant way.

Research question

Question: How can I create a modern, western-inspired magazine that challenges the traditional layout and interaction between text and image?

Target group

Fashion, culture and/or design interested in the age of 16-35 years old, international

For those who are still fans of analogue design and magazines. Magazines today are used both as inspiration and as decoration, where the visuals are more important than the textual content. The magazine can attract those who work/study fashion design, those who have fashion and trends as an interest/hobby, as well as those who work or study design (like art, photography, illustrative, editorial or graphics).

*conceptual, not realized