Macbook display picture of the splashpage to Nivea E-sport campaign.


e-sport edition

product redesign of one of the leading companies in the field of skin care. Digital promotion of a limited edition campagne.

Brief: Redesign a packaging that you find in your home. There will be a series of 3 packaging products. Create a responsive campaign website for the packaging design. The campaign is a limited edition for 2-4 weeks, and aims to inspire the target group.

Tools: HTML, CSS, Figma, Illustrator, inDesign

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Science fiction,
sporty & energetic

Product picture of nivea Daycream, nightcream and hairstyling waxProduct picture of Nivea "Game over" nightcreamProduct picture of Nivea "Slay the day" Hairstyling wax

Research question

Question: How can I improve a unisex design for Nivea day cream so that it appears more sporty and cool, while also specifically challenging young men to make skin care less taboo and feminine. And, how can I create a promotional website that motivates the target audience to buy and test the products?

Problem solving: Nivea is usually a product where the target group is "everyone". By narrowing down the target audience to a more specific group with a design that engages their interests, the products will appeal more strongly to that specific group on the platforms they are on. In this way, the products will gain attention, create curiosity and motivate new users of Nivea.

website campaign

A limited edition skin and hair care series designed for young men aged 18-22 with an interest in gaming. The promotion is available for a limited time during the biggest E-sports tournament in the world, The internationals. Players and participants of the event will receive a 20% discount when ordering on the website during the event.