Bravur bar

Bravur builds under the concept *Hun gjør det med bravur, which is about building up and strengthening relationships between women.

Brief: This assignment involves designing the prototype of a digital restaurant menu based on a fellow student's concept and design manual.
The focus is user experience and mapping of different needs, problems and solutions. The task involves user testing and development of a good information architecture.

Tools: Adobe XD, Design manual for Bravur bar

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About Bravur

Bravur is a drinkbar made for women by women. The concept *Hun gjør det med bravur is about empowering women and to build bonds. The word Bravur is often used in masculine settings and means bravery/boldness, but in this concept it reflex real girl power.

Research question

Question: How to use and design with an existing design manual for Bravur bar aimed at the right target group and values ​​in faith with the concept so that it is perceived recognizably?

Solution: By carefully researching the identity, the target group and vision through guiding rules in the design manual, I will create a user-friendly solution that is stylistically in line with the concept.

Target group

Cultivated, social, 20-50 years old, Oslo based.
The primary target group for this concept consists mainly of women aged 20 to 50. These ladies have specific tastes and are critical of what they get. They want only the best. The primary target group is usually educated, has a stable job or is a student. These students often have a part-time job that allows them to indulge in such excesses. These ladies like to be recognized with such a luxurious culture and are either already a part of it, or want to be.

Creds to Eli rebekka haugen for an awesome and cool concept, and for making a user friendly design manual that is engaging to work with!

*conceptual, not realized