An innovative bar concept that Oslo is in need of (if you ask me), made for skateboarding interested people in the city.

Brief: Make an engaging new visual identity of an optional bar or restaurant. The assignment involves designing a logo of the restaurant name, create a visual toolbox, and make labels, menu, facebook cover and a giveaway.

Tools: Adobe illustrator, InDesign, Fresco

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About Betong

Betong (Norwegian for concrete) is a place where you can eat, drink and enjoy skateboarding at the same time, regardless of season and time of year. The name is simple and easy to pronounce, relevant to the activity, easy to remember and easy to spell, and can be supplemented with a visual side piece.

Consept facilities:

  • Dining area with chairs and table
  • Skateboard hotel where you can hang up your board when eating.
  • Skatebowl and a small concrete park
  • Skateboard workshop
  • DJ and cool music
  • Bar serving various beers, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Neon lights and decorative walls, ceilings, floors and interiors.

Research question

Question: How to create an identity for an urban eatery for social and hungry skater boys- and girls aged 16-35 in the Oslo area with focus on innovation in the city?

Solution: By using surfaces, environment and language that the target group are known with, in addition to map the values and wishes they have for the city – I will make an inclusive, sosial place for young people to hang out all year regardless of season and time of year, doing their favorite activity, skateboarding.

*conceptual, not realized