Show-of picture of the "Friluftsliv" website. It's shows how to pack your bag, and in the background you can see a boy packing it.

Overview &

User journey



Friluftsliv is a digital guide for beginners in the nature.

Brief: Create a professional website. This assignment focus on planning of a good user-experience. It have to be responsiv for both desktop and mobile. Planning involves information architecture, structure, wireframing, prototyping etc. Good user-experience involves navigation, hierarchy, feedback, UU and readability.

Tools: Adobe XD, Webflow, Illustrator, Photoshop

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"Friluftsliv" is a service for those who have little or no prior knowledge of outdoor life and nature walks. Here you will learn basic knowledge about norms and rules for how to behave and take account of nature. You will learn practical knowledge that can contribute to ensuring and streamlining preparations and planning. And you can read about tips for increased well-being when you are on a trip. This digital guide ensures that you will have a nature experience you won't soon forget. Good luck and have a nice trip!

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Research question

Question: How can I inspire, inform and reassure young, urban people who are curious about outdoor life and experiences in nature, so that they are the best possible prepared for a hike in the nature?

Solution: To inspire, I can use large, spectacular quality photos of nature. I can make lists of what they should bring with them, and an overview of "rules" that might be nice to adhere to to nature. I want to use colors inspired by nature, and an organic touch inspired by the terrain. With relevant and useful information, they will also feel more prepared and confident about going out into nature.

Target group

Young, urban people in Norway who have little or no experience with outdoor life.

They have a desire to experience nature up close, such as going on a day trip or overnight trip in the mountains, the forest or by the water.

Content segmentation

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